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Full text of "Alaskan glacier studies of the National Geographic Society in the Yakutat Bay, Prince William Sound and lower Copper River regions"

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PREFACE                                                     xi
as to the following gentlemen: Rev. Mr. Rasmusson, and Messrs. Beasley, Stimson, Robinson, Flenner, and Gray, of Yakutat; the late E. C. Hawkins, General Manager, and Mr. S. W. Eccles, the President of the Copper River & Northwestern Railway Co.; the late Alfred Williams and Messrs. O'Neel, Van Cleve, Johnson, Withers, Corser, and Wernicke of the Katalla Company, and Messrs. Murchison, Shields, McCune and Whiting of M. J. Heney's force; Messrs. Dalton and Hazelet of Cordova; the late Dr. L. S. Camicia and Messrs. Lathrop, Peterson, and Crawford of Valdez; Captain MacGilvary and Messrs. Johansen and Inglis of the Steamship Bertha, and Messrs. Barber and Macgregor of the steamship Portland; the mine operators at Latouche; Professors Landes and Meany of the University of Washington; the late Webster Brown and Messrs. George Jamme and J. L. McPherson of Seattle, and R. P. Tarr of Tacoma; Commander Ellicott of the U. S. Navy; Capt. C. G. Quillian of the U. S. Coast and Geodetic Survey; Col. A. W. Swanitz, Chief Engineer, and Mr. 0. G. Laberee, President of the Alaska Northern Railway; Col. Richardson of the Alaska Road Commission; Mr. A. B. Emery, Manager of the Bonanza copper mine at Kennicott; Messrs. James, Fisher, Rhodes, Bigelow, Coleman, and Watson of Fairbanks and Manager Joint of the Tanana Valley Railway; Messrs. Perry and Coffee of The Yukon Gold Company at Dawson, Mr. Cobb and Judge Gunnison of Juneau; Mr. Bronson, U. S. Collector of Customs at Wrangell; Mr. George Otis Smith, Director of U. S. Geological Survey; Mr. A. H. Brooks, geologist in charge of Division of Alaskan Mineral Resources of the U. S. Geological Survey; Mr. 0. H. Tittmann, Superintendent of the U. S. Coast and Geodetic Survey; Mr. W. F. King of the Dominion Astronomical Observatory at Ottawa; Messrs. Fremont Morse and N. J. Ogilvie of the International Boundary Surveys; Prof. H. F. Reid of Johns Hopkins University, and many others.
We wish to acknowledge the generous support of every member of our parties in the field, the cordial hospitality of all who met us in Alaska, and the assistance of the officers of the Society, particularly Mr. Gannett, the President of the Society and Chairman of the Research Committee, Mr. Grosvenor, the Editor of the National Geographic Magazine and the Director of the Society, and the other members of the Research Committee, in doing everything in their power to make our field seasons effective and in facilitating the preparation and publication of this book.
April 7, 1914,